The multi-purpose facility for indoor recreation, outdoor aquatics, and student affairs staff personifies the unique “info-tech” character of the university. Brutalist techtonics delineate an architectural symmetry that echos forms from nature, respectful not only of Calatrava’s immediate context (and work globally), but also characteristic of Frank Lloyd Wright’s work at Florida Southern College just 10 miles (16km) across town. In a biomimic abstraction of aerodynamics, the unconventional butterfly-roof “wings” direct rainwater to celebrated water spouts aimed at landscaped rain gardens adjacent the lap pool. Both exterior form and interior space are expressed as a direct resultant of the cohesive architectural and structural approach. Primary interior spaces are flooded with natural light and are presented with a simple and clear organization. A primary material pallet of concrete, glass, steel, and monochromatic finishes is balanced with natural wood and stone interior accents.

Interior Gallery