Lakeland Parks & Recreation

Kelly Recreation

City of Lakeland
11,222 SF

Project Description

Originally a singular building donated to the city years ago, the Kelly Recreation Center has evolved over time and grown with the surrounding community. The programs offered at this facility had been  limited due to the space restrictions of the facility. This major addition and renovation expanded the municipal recreation center in all aspects and allows the Parks & Recreation Department to offer larger classes and streamline operations. Close collaboration with staff and users has produced an efficient design focused on safety, surveillance, accessibility and economy. New exterior and interior glazing in key locations allows natural daylight to reach every space refreshing both old and new spaces.




Public Art

As in many other municipal facilities, public art can be found throughout the recreation center. Mr. Tim Hoeft, Managing Principal of STA and the project architect/interior designer, was commissioned by the City of Lakeland's Parks & Recreation Department to provide seven (7) paintings (acrylic on canvas) that were  inspired by the architecture and the affiliated recreational activities.